Buffalo, NY Land Surveys

Avoid legal disputes over property lines with boundary, city, and residential surveys from Krause and Gantzer in Buffalo, New York. You can depend on us to provide you with the most accurate assessment of your property's boundaries possible.

Boundary Surveys

Get a clearer idea of developed and undeveloped areas in the state with boundary surveys that encompass all of the New York area. These surveys consist of a complete survey of the property, locating all improvements, and generating a map of what we discovered.

Equipment, Residential Land Surveys in Buffalo, NY

City Surveys

At Krause and Gantzer, we can also zero in on specific locations for you with city surveys that cover the entire downtown Buffalo area. We offer a complete picture of all properties and improvements and generate a map that accurately reflects what we found.

Residential Surveys

Know the exact dimensions of your own property with residential surveys that encompass the outskirts of Buffalo and any town or village in Western New York. Like our boundary and city surveys, residential surveys locate all improvements and generate a comprehensive map of our discoveries.

Krause & Gantzer, Buffalo, NY

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